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About TourCoin

TourCoin is a decentralized blockchain platform designed for the community involved in the tourist movement, both from the rest, and from the business that provides tourism.

What is our mission?

We see our mission in eliminating intermediaries who profit from both traveling tourists and owners of services providing tourism (owners of hotels and apartments, sellers of goods and services for tourists and travelers, ...)
In creating a transparent and open tourism market, without the dictates of magnates and corporations.

What are the advantages of our platform?

Currently, the tourist market is tightly occupied by businessmen, who control all stages of tourist movement and rest. Tourists can choose, basically, only those options that are offered by the agencies. The agencies, in turn, are completely dependent on tour operators and are not able to make major changes to existing tours.
Owners of real estate, intended for recreation, are forced to rent their apartments in bulk to tour operators, as an independent search for holidaymakers is very difficult for them.
Carrier companies also depend on tour operators and sell their services in bulk with little profitability, since they need to put a lot of effort into the operational process itself and have little motive and resources for individual work with each tourist.

It would be possible to justify such a system by economies of scale, but all these savings are “eaten” by the appetites of tour operators, who fully control the final price and marginality of business participants in the tourism business.

Our platform will be able to provide all participants in the process the opportunity to contact each other, create groups and tours, build a logistics chain of travel, create individual tours and itineraries, and offer their own services regardless of the interests of global players.

Since in the process of travel transfers make one of the serious "pains" of travelers, the project will be based on the tourcoin's own coin (TRCN exchange ticker). With the help of the coin, it will be possible to carry out both settlements with the platform for the services provided, and settlements between the platform participants. This will eliminate the complexity costs associated with the various currencies of the platform participants.

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Technical info
Coin name: TourCoin
Coin Ticker: TRCN
Total Supply: 400 000 000
Block Time: 60 seconds
Staking age: 2 hours
Maturity: 144 blocks
Rewards: MN - 75%, POS - 25%
Collateral: 5000
Premine: 100000
Block height Reward
501 - 7500 1
> 7501 25


The platform will consistently offer tools for:


Tourists and travel agencies


Owners of hotels and individual apartments for recreation and accommodation


Transport companies and carriers


Restaurants and family cafes, sellers of leisure goods and souvenirs

Road map

Working to make your business better

  • WWallet and coin release
  • Listing on MNO
  • Listing on the Exchange
  • Platform release for:
     -tourists and travel agencies
     -owners of hotels and individual apartments for recreation and accommodation
  • White Paper Release
  • Conducting a marketing campaign to attract users and business partners (Europe and the USA)
  • White paper update
  • iOS wallet launch
  • Launch of the marketing campaign for partners
  • Platform and Wallet Enhancements
  • Platform release for:
     - transport companies and carriers
  • Platform release for:
     -restaurateurs and family cafes
     -sellers of leisure goods and souvenirs
     -other categories
  • Conducting a marketing campaign to attract users and business partners (Europe and the USA)
  • Conducting a marketing campaign to attract users and business partners
  • Development Strategy Adjustment
  • Entry into new markets (Japan and Asia)
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